An Open Letter to Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak


Dear Mitch:

I've been watching Laker basketball for over 30 years, and I can't remember ever seeing a Laker team play so unevenly as this year's team.  They seem disjointed and distracted, with a noticeable lack of chemistry. 

It's disappointing, not just because they lose games, but how and why they're losing them.   

At this point, you should be concerned because San Antonio is seven games ahead of you in the loss column, while other teams are right on your heels for home court in the playoffs. 

Watching the Spurs, they play together unselfishly.  They play hard for 48 minutes, every game.  They play DEFENSE.  So far, this isn't happening with your Laker team.   

Fact is, Mitch, age has seemingly caught up to some of your players.  Kobe Bryant has lost a step or two.  Derek Fisher, at 36, is about finished, except for spot duty, and should not receive starter minutes.  Ron Artest is in a constant daze.  Lamar Odom is back to playing every other game, seemingly distracted by his new-found celebrity.  Pau gets out-toughed by younger, stronger post players and other than Andrew Bynum, you don't have any young, athletic, impact players available to spell or replace these players. 

The trend in today's NBA, started by Boston's "Big Three," and mimicked by Miami's "Big Three," is to accumulate star players to play unselfishly together, and overwhelm teams without those types of players.   

Sorry Mitch, you don't have that make-up on this team.  Other than Pau, you don't have enough impact, star players to take the scoring and leadership burden off Kobe Bryant. 

At this stage of his career, 24 simply cannot physically continue to match the stacked, sta...

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