Amare Stoudemire’s “Luck” Comment Adds Fuel to Lamar Odom’s Fire

I'm not sure what the Phoenix Suns' strategy is for reversing their fortunes from Monday's Game One loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, but making statements which could be used as possible motivation shouldn't be part of it.

When asked how the Suns were planning to deal with Lakers' forward Lamar Odom in the wake of his dominant Game One performance, Suns' forward Amare Stoudemire responded by saying "luck" was responsible for Odom's 19 point, 19 rebound double-double.

Using luck to explain a defeat is a classic excuse — and one I have used myself on occasion — but to relate Odom's skillful showing against the Suns to luck, is an exercise in denial.

Odom is without question the most versatile player left in the postseason, and his ability to switch effectively between the post and the perimeter may make him the most valuable Laker in this series.

If Odom is properly motivated, as he was on Monday, he can be a nightmare match-up for opponents, and Game One was an example of Odom putting in work early.

Odom's 6'10 frame and ball-handling skills gave him a predetermined advantage against anyone the Suns chose to defend him with, and he exploited this by attacking the rim early.

There was nothing "lucky" about the way Odom constantly beat Stoudemire off the dribble because of his poor defensive footwork, and there was nothing "lucky" in the way Odom positioned himself for rebounds.

In fact, Odom's 19 rebounds accounted for more than Stoudemire, Channing Frye, and Robin Lopez combined, and he was just as effective on the defensive end as well.

It's a known fact among Lakers' fans that Odom is apt to follow his Game One gem with one of his patented disappearing acts, but Stoudemire may have unwillingly nullified that exception.

When Odom was made aware of Stoudemire's comments, his expression didn't change much, but his facial muscles tightened up...

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