After Winning His Fifth Ring, Lakers Bryant Still Gets No Respect

As I woke up Sunday morning, I had the displeasure of listening to the talking heads on ESPN discuss Kobe Bryant on the Sports Reporters.

Mike Lupica, Bob Ryan, John Saunders and some dude, whom I’ve never heard of from the Miami Herald, barely even acknowledged the LA Lakers winning their 17th Championship. They skipped right over that to take their shots at Kobe Bryant.

Ryan said right off the back “Well, he’ll never be Michael Jordan.” Got news for you Bob, the game did exist before Michael Jordan came along. Before Jordan went on his run, there was Magic and Bird who brought the NBA back off life support back in the day. Oh and Russell and Chamberlain, Dr. J, Jerry West, Kareem and more who deserve to be acknowledged for their contributions to the game.

I get tickled when I hear that our generation is the here and now generation, but these guys get on these shows and act like the only great player to ever play the game was Michael Jordan when in truth, Michael didn’t win a championship WITHOUT Phil Jackson either; just like Kobe.

And just like Jordan, Kobe didn’t win a championship without a great supporting cast around him. Jordan didn’t win another championship without Scottie Pippen, but no one wants to mention that because it’s Michael Jordan. Kobe has won with Shaq and without him; Jordan didn’t.

And while we are on the subject of Shaq, let me say this: the media still believes to this day that Kobe ran Shaq out of LA, but people tend to forget, Shaq wanted OUT of LA because his ego wouldn’t allow him to play second fiddle to Kobe.

Also, they want to sweep under the rug that Shaq called out Kobe last year with a rap saying Kobe would NEVER win another championship without him; guess what Shaq? He has done it TWICE without you. But again because Shaq is Shaq, a likeable guy, Kobe looks like the bad guy because he said he has won...

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