A New Sense Urgency: Are the Lakers Attempting To Pull Off a Major Trade?

The Lakers have lost two consecutive games. One loss to the Los Angeles Clippers and one the Portland Trail Blazers.

There is a common theme between these two teams. They both have big men out with major injuries. Yet somehow, the Lakers lost to both of them. 

Is it a coincidence that after these two games, there have been rumors that the Lakers are looking to trade for Chris Bosh?

New York Post writer, Peter Vecsey reported that the Lakers will try to trade Andrew Bynum to the Toronto Raptors for Chris Bosh before the February trade deadline. 

Although it is hard to get too excited about a rumor, just imagine if this move did happen. How would each team benefit from it? 

What would the Los Angeles Lakers get in Chris Bosh? 

It had always been a great debate whether Chris Bosh is a franchise player. Putting him on the Lakers would make him a second option for the first time in his career.

The question is, how would Bosh take being the second option? It's hard to complain when your team is winning, yet Bosh has been known as a complainer in Toronto.

Bosh's offensive arsenal would add yet another great option to the Lakers five-headed monster of a team. The one issue with acquiring Bosh could be defensively.

Bynum does provide a great anchor on the defensive end of the floor, and Bosh has never been known as a great defender. The Lakers would need to analyze whether they would want to give up good defense for great offense?  

What would the Toronto Raptors get in Andrew Bynum? 

Defense has been the biggest issue for Toronto this season. They are the fifth-worst (105.08 points per game allowed) defensive team in the NBA. Adding Andrew Bynum would give them a physical presence for once.

Bynum is not a franchise player (at least not yet), but is arguably one of the best up-and-coming centers in the NBA. Bynum would move And...

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