’72 Dolphins & ’71-72 Lakers Both Impressive, Lakers Streak Is Easier to Love

Winning streaks have been prominent thus far in 2013. The Chicago Blackhawks reeled off 24 straight games with a point to start the season, an NHL record.

The Miami Heat have won 24 in a row themselves, rallying to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers 98-95 on Mar. 20. They are all alone in second place now since they eclipsed the Houston Rockets mark of 22 games in a row.

Ironically, Shane Battier was a member of both teams.

The Denver Nuggets have even gotten in on the act by winning 14 straight games themselves. Unfortunately for them, this will continue to go unnoticed as long as the Heat continue to win.

Miami has a decent chance to equal and possibly surpass the historic 33-game win streak set by the legendary 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers squad. 

Four decades ago, winning streaks were a prominent topic of sports conversation just as they are today.

In addition to the Lakers impressive record, the Miami Dolphins were making history as well. They recorded the only perfect season in NFL history going 17-0 en route to winning Super Bowl VII.

Both of these streaks are legendary. The longevity of these records is a testament to that.

However, the Lakers streak is easier to love, or remain fond of.

The '71-72 Lakers don't grate on our nerves annually the way the '72 Dolphins do. Sure, it is their record and they are free to act how they want to about it.

We are free to feel how we want to about it as well. However, we could do without hearing about them popping champagne every year even if their record isn't seriously challenged in that particular season.

It's just unnecessary and played out.

Nick Buoniconti, Mercury Morris and the rest of the guys should be happy about what they accomplished for sure. It would be nice if they would just relax a little, without giving off that defiant defensive vibe any time a team starts t...

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