6 NBA Stars LA Lakers Could Be Poised to Target in Wake of Kobe Bryant’s Injury

With the news that Kobe Bryant's 2013-14 season could be in jeopardy, the Los Angeles Lakers must look to replenish his lost production for next season.

Obviously with the trade deadline already passed there won't be anything they can do until the summer.

But it isn't the Lakers style to go out and deal for young prospects. General Manager Mitch Kupchak will be looking for some big names and established talent to help Dwight Howard bring home a title as soon as possible.

Pau Gasol is likely to be the bait they use in any deal, as he's the only one on the roster capable of generating much interest.

With the way the Lakers are currently assembled, and no Bryant in the lineup, a scoring guard or wing becomes the team's biggest need.

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