6 NBA Championships Won’t Be Enough For Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers will soon begin their quest for their third straight title.

Phil Jackson will go for his 12th title as coach, Bryant for his sixth title and the Lakers for their 17th title.

Jackson will solidify his case as the greatest coach in NBA history if the Lakers win. The Lakers will make their case stronger as a better franchise than the Boston Celtics.

Bryant, on the other hand, will make his case stronger as one of the greatest players of all-time, possibly making (in my opinion) the top 10 list.

That’s right; top 10 all-time.

Not the greatest of all-time. Not even top 5. This means that Bryant will not be better than Michael Jordan. I grow tired of the argument that if Bryant ties Michael Jordan in championships won, then he should be considered better than Jordan.

This is just a fallacy that “Kobe fans” have invented. I’ve been reading and commenting on written articles regarding this issue, but I felt it was time to write my own article and to show these Kobe fans a detailed explanation of why this is a complete falsehood.

First of all, let me say Bryant is one of my favorite players, but unlike most of his fans, I know exactly what kind of players Jordan and Bryant are. I got one question for them: Was winning six titles the only thing Jordan ever did in his NBA career? How can six titles be the only argument when the Jordan did a lot more in his 15-year career?

Not even seven titles for Bryant will make him better. Jordan’s greatness expands more than titles. If Bryant wins his sixth or seventh title, he will still have a lot to do in order to catch Jordan.

I’m not saying that Bryant has to do everything Jordan did in his career. But he needs to at least come close to the things Jordan did.

So this article will not only prove that titles aren’t enough, but it wil...

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