5 Value Free Agents the Los Angeles Lakers Should Target This Offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers will look to make big moves during the offseason—hopefully nabbing a prime lottery draft pick and successfully luring a free-agent game-changer.

But it’s not all about the splashy acquisitions—there are holes to fill across the board, and the Lakers’ war chest has to cover them all.

This is territory that management has had a modicum of success with recently—identifying young, undervalued players and giving them minutes to develop.

The Lakers need to keep the trend going this summer. After all, value finds are the bread and butter of all good teams.

This doesn’t necessarily mean rock-bottom bargains—it can entail investing solid cash for an upwardly trending player whose sticker price will continue to climb in the future.

The Lakers also have their own free agents to consider, including big man Ed Davis, who should be re-signed at a nice bump that doesn’t preclude targeting top-level players.

It’s also worth noting that the league’s salary cap could soar in future years, adding flexibility to multiyear deals.

But regardless, if there is one thing management must avoid, it is throwing mad money at fading stars.

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