5 Teams Guaranteed to Have an Interest in Trading for Pau Gasol

I'm not sure which direction the Los Angeles Lakers will take when it comes to the future of forward Pau Gasol, but if he is made available this offseason, there are at least a few teams that would be interested in acquiring the Spaniard.

Gasol is no longer the same player that he was in 2008, but he's still one of the most fundamentally skilled big men in the league, and the fact that his $19 million contract expires at the end of next season doesn't hurt, either.

It shouldn't be difficult to draw interest for a player who has Gasol's talent and an expiring $19 million contract to boot, and the following slides will explore the teams who will be standing at the front of the line if the Lakers place Gasol on the open market.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, there is little to no chance they will receive fair market value for Gasol if he is made available, so management must be creative by seeking a combination of young players and draft picks that offer a window into the future.

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