5 Reasons Why the Los Angeles Lakers Could Surpass Expectations Next Year

The Los Angeles Lakers will have their work cut out for them in 2014-15, but there are a number of ways in which they could outperform the dismal expectations for them.

Just how bleak to things look? Well, according to ESPN's summer standings forecast, the Lake Show will stumble its way to a 30-52 record and a 12th-place finish in the West. Considering the cynical commentary ESPN included from two example tweeters, a lot will have to go L.A.'s way just to reach that unsatisfying result.

That popular point of view makes a number of assumptions about the Laker personnel—hobbled, raw or otherwise flawed. But with a full offseason's worth of healing and a regime change from Mike D'Antoni to new head coach Byron Scott, recent performance might not be a representative point of judgment for how these guys will play next season.

The odds are stacked against Kobe Bryant's crew making a playoff run in one of his final campaigns, but their talent and experience levels are being underrated. Even if greatness is too much to predict, they have a better chance at respectability than people are saying.

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