5 Reasons the L.A. Lakers Won’t Win the 2013 NBA Title and 5 Reasons They Will

The Los Angeles Lakers certainly improved their chances of reaching the 2013 NBA Finals by acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard during the offseason, but there are a number of questions they must answer before they can be crowned as league champions once again.

But talent is not one of them.

Right now it's pretty hard to argue with the theory that Los Angeles has the best starting lineup on paper, but what's more impressive is how seamlessly the pieces appear to fit together.

The Lakers desperately needed a point guard who could create scoring opportunities in Mike Brown's offense, and general manager Mitch Kupchak managed to land one of the best basket creators in the history of the game.

That move alone thrust the Lakers back into the thick of title contention, but Kupchak and team president Jim Buss cemented their team's status by adding a major defensive upgrade in the middle of the paint as well.

It doesn't hurt that the Lakers improved their bench depth and scoring by acquiring Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks, and by also re-signing rugged reserve forward Jordan Hill.

However, as critics point, out none of the Lakers impressive offseason moves will mean anything unless the team can live up to its promise on the court, and due to various issues, that's no guarantee.

There are a multitude of concerns that could curtail the Lakers' title quest, but there may be just as many reasons to list as to why this team may be destined for NBA glory.

The following slideshow will explore five of the most daunting obstacles facing the Lakers and their attempt to win a ring in 2013, and five reasons they can ultimately be successful in their endeavor.

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