5 Realistic Targets for Los Angeles Lakers to Chase During 2015 Offseason

Summertime sparks the imagination of NBA fans everywhere, as they creatively transform their favorite team's ho-hum roster into a star-studded juggernaut.

"All we have to do is draft Player X, sign Player Y and trade for Player Z! Then we're back in the mix!"

We've all been guilty of it, but we're not going to fall into that trap today. As fun as it would be to devote more digital ink to the fantasy of the Los Angeles Lakers swinging a miraculous deal for DeMarcus Cousins, let's assume for a second that the Sacramento Kings are a rational organization that realizes it would be insane to trade the most talented center in the league one year into a max deal.

Instead, let's focus on what L.A. can realistically do to improve their squad this summer. The Lakers have the cap space to make a maximum offer to any player they desire.

Even if Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard are presumed untouchable, and Kevin Love and LeBron James aren't going anywhere—yet—there are still several tantalizing free-agent prospects for the Lakers to pursue who would represent tangible upgrades to the roster.

Let's take a look at five of them here, ranked in order of an increasing combination of desirability and availability.

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