5 Problems with the L.A. Lakers Starting Lineup

Looking for something wrong with the Los Angeles Lakers' new starting lineup is hard work, but somebody's got to do it.

After all, the greatest of ideas doesn't always pan out perfectly when put into practice. We haven't seen this lineup in action before and the extent to which it flourishes will require some old dogs to learn new tricks.

It will take these guys some time to develop a rhythm together, and Dwight Howard might not even be ready for the beginning of the regular season.

With new and old faces getting accustomed to the Princeton offense alike, there's no telling how this team will look in the early goings. It could look amazing from the outset or it could look like a work-in-progress.

Growing pains aside, there are also some very real concerns that may be hidden under all of this lineup's outer beauty. Here are five potential hangups on which to keep an eye.

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