5 Potential L.A. Lakers Trade Targets Who Would Thrive in Mike D’Antoni’s System

The Los Angeles Lakers look likely to tip off the Mike D'Antoni Era this week, be it opposite the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday at the Staples Center or on Wednesday against the Sacramento Kings at Sleep Train Arena.

Not that the front office need await D'Antoni's debut to peruse the trade market. You don't need to be John Hollinger or Jack McCallum to figure out that the Lakers could use another shooter or two to make their new coach's wide-open system hum.

Though, if you've seen the Lakers play lately, you'll know that they can fill it up pretty well as is.

Since D'Antoni began running practices last Thursday, the Lakers have scored an average of 116.5 points per game on 50.6 percent shooting.

Granted, those performances came against a pair of defensively-deficient opponents—the Phoenix Suns and the Houston Rockets, respectively.

Nonetheless, the Lakers shouldn't have much trouble scoring once Pringles is popped and ready to go.

Of course, that could change if, say, Pau Gasol, who's struggled for the most part this season, doesn't get his act together and/or finds himself the odd man out under D'Antoni.

If that happens, these guys—athletic wings and/or shooters all—should find themselves squarely in Mitch Kupchak's sights.

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