5 Point Guards That Can Run the New L.A. Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers fans everywhere suffered a rude awakening when the quest for the three-peat and Phil's last push came short in the second round of the playoffs—to the "choker" Dallas Mavericks. 

While the team struggled, three things became more and more clear:

Firstly, the mileage on Kobe is getting too great, and he has lost a lot of speed and quickness.

Secondly, Pau Gasol was either really fatigued or had his confidence shot early in the playoffs.

And lastly, while Derek Fisher may have contributed a lot to this franchise, it is time to find a new starting point guard.

This last point became painfully evident as J.J. Barea, all 6'0" of him, carved the Lakers defense up time after time, running by Fish (and even Kobe) like they were standing still. With a new coach and a new system, there is no better time for the Lakers to find a new backcourt mate for Kobe.

What the Lakers need is a quick, defensive/athletic point man to shut down opposing guards and save Kobe's legs as much as possible...so without further ado, here are five viable options to run the new Lake Show.  

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