5 Improvements Dwight Howard Must Make to Impress Kobe Bryant

I don't imagine it's easy to play alongside Kobe Bryant. Or rather, in Kobe Bryant's shadow.

Especially not after being "The Guy" on your own team for eight years, the way Dwight Howard was before coming to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe's style of leadership is demanding. He expects maximum effort every night and is driven solely by his mission to win championships. His idea of fun is kicking back and watching game film of his next opponent.

Dwight isn't wired that way, and the two stars' clash of personalities has caused some friction in the locker room. Reports have leaked out about near fights and verbal altercations between the two, and while those reports may be overblown, where there's smoke, there's fire.

Bryant has made it clear that the Lakers remain "his" team (not that he ever had to clarify) and as such, Howard's role will be one of deference to Bryant as long as the two remain teammates. If Howard truly wants to be successful with his current franchise, he has to learn how to fall in line and let his play do the talking.

Here are five improvements Dwight can make to appease the Mamba. 

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