5 Free-Agent Fliers Los Angeles Lakers to Gamble on Entering Next Season

For all intents and purposes, the Los Angeles Lakers have already played their hand in free agency.

After striking out on the home run hitters of the 2014 crop, the storied franchise shifted its focus to the superstar targets slated to hit the market over the coming years. Maintaining future flexibility has taken precedence above all else although the purple and gold still hope to put a competitive product on the floor in the present.

Whether that's actually possible in the jam-packed Western Conference will depend largely on the 13 Lakers currently in possession of a guaranteed contract. This late in the offseason, L.A. is very unlikely to find an unclaimed free agent capable of moving the needle in either direction.

But with that microscopic chance of a reward comes an equally infinitesimal risk. Still-unsigned free agents aren't going to break the bank—all the ones not named Eric Bledsoe, at least.

For a small price, the Lakers could buy a scratch ticket potentially offering something they need: size, youth, athleticism, defense. Considering the cost, L.A. owes it to itself to look over these five free-agent fliers.

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