5 Areas LA Lakers Must Upgrade This Offseason

Take one look at the Los Angeles Lakers, who finished this season prematurely with the worst record in franchise history, and what do you surmise? It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this team needs a major overhaul.

Regardless of injuries, and there were a lot of them, this Lakers team was just not very good. When you're only winning one out of every three games, there is an abundance of blame to be shared by players, coaches and management.

The 27-55 Lakers of 2013-14 head into a very long offseason with a laundry list of fix-it priorities. It's safe to say they've hit the bottom of the barrel. Reinforcements are on the way, only no one knows where they are coming from and when they'll arrive—and who they will be.

As Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding points out: "No matter how bad the Lakers were, how they lacked key elements of pride and hustle and how fundamentally they didn't have suitable defensive personnel, there needs to be some continuity carrying over to next season." 

That would mean at least a few Lakers will still be Lakers come training camp in September. While there are many areas in which the team needs improvement, there are at least five that cry out for help.

It all boils down to the Lakers being knee-deep in a rebuilding process that may take another few years to take hold. By the time this team is ready to lay claim to a 17th world championship, Kobe Bryant may be on the sidelines for good.

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