4 Hidden Bright Spots for the Los Angeles Lakers So Far

Bright spots have been in short supply for the Los Angeles Lakers lately. With just three wins to date, this season will be remembered best as Kobe Bryant’s final stand, punctuated by sporadic glimmers of his once-legendary skills.

But while bittersweet memories are inescapable, the Lakers need to build for a better tomorrow. And whether hidden or simply not as noticeable as we watch a shooting star fade away, there are some other encouraging signs to keep tabs on.


The Possibility of Another Lottery Pick

When it comes to reconstructing a team, draft picks are always helpful. And if the Lakers continue to lose at their present rate, a prime lottery pick may serve as yet another consolation prize. The team’s record will have to be truly horrific, however. That’s because L.A. will forfeit their first-round selection to the Philadelphia 76ers unless it’s in the top three.

In other words, the Lakers would likely have to finish with their worst loss record in history for the third year in a row. Ouch!

But think of the possible rewards, with prospects like the hyperathletic Jaylen Brown from California, the reedy 7’0” Skal Labissiere from Kentucky with his variety of offensive moves and Ben Simmons, a 6’10” swingman from LSU with a complete two-way game.


Bryant’s Exit Clears the Way for a Fresh Start

With Bryant’s recent retirement announcement, there is no longer any “will he or won’t he” caveats for the Lakers. Per Sam Amick of USA Today, Los Angeles will have a clean path to their offseason rebuild, along with around $66 million to spend:

As great as Bryant has been for all these years, it’s undeniable that some free agents will see the Lakers’ situation as more appealing now because of the clean-slate component. Rather than tag-teaming with a fut...

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