30 Memorable NBA Teams That Failed To Win a Championship

History is written by the winners. This is the case for any sports league such as the NBA whose history is defined by the legacies of great championship teams like the 1972 Los Angeles Lakers, 1983 Philadelphia 76ers, and the 1996 Chicago Bulls.

While those teams are remembered for their winning and dominance, other teams are remembered for coming up short of that elusive title. Many of these teams had Hall of Fame talent in their lineups and talented players on the bench, but were unable to raise a championship banner the following year.

Whether or not coming up short was due to bad luck, losing to a better team, injuries, or a conspiracy, these teams are still remembered for their talented players on the court.

This article will focus on teams that had dominant runs and failed to win a title, as opposed to dominant teams that had to wait another season to begin a dynastic run such as the 1990 Chicago Bulls and 2008 Los Angeles Lakers, or teams that were in the middle of a championship run like the 1984 Los Angeles Lakers and 2006 San Antonio Spurs.

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