25 Things More Useful to an NBA Team Than Draft Bust Adam Morrison

Dear Adam Morrison,

I feel for you, bro*. I too once spent some time near NBA players, and those guys were good! Jesus, were they good. I guess it’s true what they say—those guys are NBA players for a reason, haha. 

So I get it. There’s no shame between us in what has transpired over the past five years, and I urge you to not take the following as a personal affront. This is my job, and I kind of have to do it whether I want to or not. Hell, I have no idea if I’m even good at it! I was good at it in college and now, poof, here I am. I hope you understand.

These are, in my most meaningless of opinions, 25 things more useful to an NBA team than draft bust Adam Morrison, aka, you.

Signed humbly,

Ryan M. Braun

*presumed Morrison-speak

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