2013 NBA Draft: 12 Targets That Make Perfect Sense for LA Lakers

Although the Los Angeles Lakers don’t have a first-round pick in the 2013 NBA draft and won’t make their only selection until pick No. 48 of the second round, there will still be targets on the board that make perfect sense for a team in disarray.

The Lakers' 2013 offseason will be highlighted by Kobe Bryant’s rehab following an Achilles tear, and by whether or not the enigma that is Dwight Howard will decide to stay in Lakerland past this summer.

Of course, that fails to mention the whereabouts of Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Metta World Peace.

Gasol still has more than $19.2 million remaining on his contract and will continue to be a name involved in trade rumors.

Nash still has two years remaining on his contract, and he did very little to justify the sign-and-trade between the Lakers and Phoenix Suns throughout an injury-riddled 2012-13 campaign.

World Peace, meanwhile, could be targeted by the amnesty clause this summer in order for the Lakers to dump some salary.

Needless to say, the 2013 NBA draft is a much-needed distraction for Lakers fans. Although the chances L.A. gets an impact player after 47 others leave the draft board are slim, teams have hit home runs in the second round in the past.

Chandler Parsons, Manu Ginobili, Paul Millsap, Monta Ellis and Carlos Boozer were all selected in the second round. In fact, you may recall that when the Lakers held the 48th pick in the 2007 draft, they nabbed future All-Star Marc Gasol (who allowed the Lakers to net his older brother Pau via trade).

The Lakers would really benefit from having a first-round selection, but they’ll have to make due with one second-round choice following a slew of trades.


Note: List numbers are for reader’s convenience, not necessarily listing the prospects from better to best fit.

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