2012 NBA Season: The 5 Best Teams at Engaging with Social Media

NBA teams are not immune from the digital culture we have come to find fitting. 

In a recent study by Unmetric, a social media analytics tool, they assessed the 16 NBA playoff teams on their social media platforms measuring connections, growth, engagement, conversation and reply time. Their results were surprising, however. 

Here are the top 5 NBA teams when it comes to social media:

1. LA Lakers

Unsurprisingly, the "Lakeshow" tops the list. As of this reports release, they had a combined (Facebook & Twitter) 15,462,526 followers.

However, though they are ranked so high, their conversation percentage—amount of fans who interact with their pages—was only 2.1percent, the lowest on the list. 

They do, however, rank third on highest engagement per post. Basically, a whole bunch of people follow them on Twitter and Facebook and only a small percentage of people interact with their pages, however, that is still a lot of fans to rank them third. 

2. Miami Heat

Well, this list is looking more like the 2013 Power Rankings than a social media list, although, these are Unmetric's results. They rank fourth on total fans with just over six million and their fans rank first in both conversation percentage and highest engagement per post.

I guess LeBron did bring the heat back to South Beach—and though many claim they rank in the most hated teams, their fans sure are active.

3. Boston Celtics


I think their total fan count, 6,877,726, is the only reason they are ranked this high. The Celtics rank in the bottom five in slowest growing on both Twitter and Facebook, bottom five among conversation percentage and engagement as well.

The statistic I'm most surprised at is (again, at the time of this study) they haven't replied to one tweet! Celtics fans hoping for a reply or re-t...

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