2011 NBA Playoffs: Fatal Flaws for Western Division Playoff Teams

We have looked at the Eastern Division playoff teams, now lets take a look at the west and see what deficiencies they have and how their championship hopes can be derailed by them.

Let me start by saying that every team has a flaw.  It doesn't matter how they look, how many championships they have won, or how they play at times. 

Under the right circumstances, all of them can be beat.


San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan is aging and can't dominate like he used to.  Their front line is not that big and is not physical, except for Dejuan Blair, and he is not tall by any means.

Duncan is really a power forward playing out of position.  He is still effective, but he can't cover up for their lack of size and physicality.  Antonio McDyess' best years are behind him.

Teams like the Lakers, and the Thunder can and will exploit their weakness inside by taking it hard to the hoop, or just posting up.  This is not to say that overall the Spurs are not tough.

Blair and Ginobili don't mind a street fight, but Duncan needs another David Robinson, which he doesn't have.  The Spurs perimeter players love to get to the rim and finish, and they do it well in the half court and in transition.

The Spurs are getting pummeled inside by Memphis because it is a bad match up for them, and Memphis has two players that can really punish you inside if you can't match up (Zach Randolph, and Marc Gasol).


Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are still the most complete team in the playoffs, but they have a trouble spot as well.  They are weaker at the point guard spot than they have been in years.

Derek Fisher is showing his age, and he is not quite the disruptive force he once was.  His back up, Steve Blake has been injured and not much of a factor.

Neither has anything resembling ...

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