2011 NBA Playoff Predictions: Every Round Until a Champ Is Crowned

Why just predict the first round, when you can predict them all? Welcome to the NBA-Nostradamus' Guaranteed Playoff Picks (every pick is right or your money back).

Every year, I pen my NBA playoff picks on the eve of the postseason. Over the past three seasons, I have accurately picked the winner every year in which Paul Pierce wasn’t wheelchaired back into the arena during the Finals.

I have watched a lot of NBA basketball this season. More than should be allowed by law.

I blame NBA League Pass.

At any rate, and without further ado, I give you my 2011 NBA Playoff Predictions:



San Antonio Spurs OVER Memphis Grizzlies: five games

This would be a completely different series if Rudy Gay wasn’t injured.

The Spurs look like they may have peaked early this year, considering their failure to lock up home-court throughout the playoffs, despite an enormous cushion just a couple of weeks ago.

Home-court advantage is not something lost on Gregg Popovich.

Speaking of Pop, he’s the real reason the Spurs will buck the Grizz really quickly. He will be 100 percent prepared to shut down Zach Randolph. No Z-Bo, no Grizzlies.

I do think that most of the games will be competitive, and I can count on OJ Mayo to get hot at least once in the series (game three seems to be the most likely candidate).

In the end, it will be the Spurs who overcome and send the Grizz packing in five.


Los Angeles Lakers OVER New Orleans Hornets: four games

Game one and Game three are the Hornets’ only chances to steal a game from the defending champs.

I just don’t see it happening.

This could be a different series without David West, but I really doubt that, too. The Hornets don’t have the length to bother the Lakers. It&...

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