2011 NBA Free Agency: How the ’11 Class Stacks Up with the Previous Decade

The Free Agency Class of 2011 will look like the sequel to a film (2010) with only half (or none) of the previous films' stars, and a considerable lack of drama or intrigue. It will be business, in the truest sense, as usual—no glamour, no glitz and, thankfully, no "decisions."

Since 2001, a number of players—many of whom were sitting and watching the NBA Finals on their sofas—are considered free agents, of the unrestricted and restricted kind. And many of them decided to go elsewhere to find glory (or more failure).

The 2011 class has the misfortune of following a monumental year of free agency. But is it the worst since 2001? In this list, I shall examine the free agency classes by the big picks, the big flops and other criteria, since 2001. They will be ranked from worst to first.

*I focused mainly on unrestricted free agents, but restricted free agents who re-signed with their clubs are noted.

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