2010 Off-Season: Can The Lakers Beat The Miami Heat?

Since the Miami Heat have recently signed 3 Superstars, in Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James, many people are saying the Miami Heat will win the championship next season. What happened to the Lakers being the favorite? Before all this happened it would be Lakers will three-peat. Can the Lakers really beat a team consisting of Wade, James, and Bosh?

The Lakers were barely able to beat the Heat last year. The first game the two teams matched up in the 2009-2010 season was December 14, 2009. The game at Staples Center was a Lakers win 108-107 off of a one legged, off balance, buzzer beating, deep three by Kobe Bryant who stated the shot to be his luckiest of his career. The Lakers shot 43% from the field and the Heat shot 48%.

The second meeting between the two teams was March 4, 2010. The Lakers lost 114-111 in overtime. Again the game was close. LA shot 51% and the Heat shot 52%. If the Lakers could barely beat the Heat then, can they beat them now?

Dwyane Wade can be controlled by Kobe Bryant, LeBron can be played by Artest, and Gasol can guard Bosh. Kobe and Ron can switch off. And when Gasol needs a rest Odom can come in and guard Bosh. It doesn't really matter if the Lakers can beat the Heat in the regular season but how about the playoffs?

The Lakers seem to have a boost of energy in the playoffs compared to the regular season. The Lakers were 16-7 in the 2010 playoffs. Sure the Lakers have there slumps but they never fall too far. On the Heat, Wade is the only one who has won a title. Who knows if the Heat have enough experience to win a championship. We sure know the Lakers do.

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