2010 NBA Playoffs, Phoenix Suns-Los Angeles Lakers: Two Key Matchups La

The NBA playoffs continue, with a bit of a lull in some of the beginning rounds. But, there have been surprises, and something out of the expected happened: the Phoenix Suns have beaten the Spurs, and in tremendous fashion as well. The Lakers have been the Lakers, squeezing by their opponents in this year's playoffs. However, they have not faced a team like the Suns yet in the playoffs. The Suns have finally gotten their act together after an abscence from the playoffs, and controversies of trading Stoudimire have settled down due to their success. In the Suns-Lakers series, there are several key matchups to keep your eyes on, and these matchups shall determine who comes out the victor in this matchup. This looks to be one of the more intriguing games in this year's NBA playoffs. Begin Slideshow


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