2010 NBA Playoffs: Key Ingredients for the NBA’s Top Contenders

With little more than a month to go in the NBA regular season, the league's top contenders have drawn a clear line of separation between them and the rest of the assumed postseason field. Each team that reaches the playoffs have dreams of winning the championship, but the stark reality is, there are only seven teams with a shot of hoisting the trophy in June. Cleveland, Los Angeles, Orlando, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Denver all have legitimate championship aspirations, and all are missing key elements which would make those aspirations realistic. Everyone has tasted a great dish that seemed to be missing one ingredient that would make it special, and this list runs parallel to that train of thought. I have compiled a slide-show which attempts to add the neccessary ingredients to each of the above-mentioned teams, that would hasten their journey to a championship. In some cases all that is needed is a little adjustment, but in others the entire recipe may need to be examined and re-constructed to make a serious run to the NBA Finals. I'm sure there will be plenty of counter-points to my theories and I welcome any suggestions or reasons as to why my assumptions may be flawed. Feel free to offer your own opinions on what the missing ingredients may be for any of these teams, and there may be teams which deserve recognition that I failed to mention. The finish line is finally in view for the regular season, and it has truly been a great ride, but the playoffs are why the games are played and everything has been building for that climax. Hopefully this list will provide a blueprint for the making of a champion. I hope you enjoy.Begin Slideshow


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