2010 NBA Playoffs: Guess What? The LA Lakers Are Still the Team to Beat

For those of you unfamiliar with the art of ghost-riding you will have to excuse my association with the term and the Los Angeles Lakers, but for those who have witnessed the feat, it may be easier to understand my analogy.

Ghost-riding is a hip-hop derivative that was popularized in the streets of Oakland, Calif., and it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

It involves placing a vehicle in neutral or drive with the stereo blasting and no one present in the passenger compartment, and then proceeding to dance beside the car while it is slowly moving down the street.

As if this wasn't enough, practitioners decided to advance the art further by climbing on top of the car and performing their choreography with the vehicle still in motion.

If done right, the image of ghost-riding is like poetry in motion, but considering all of the elements involved with pulling the trick off successfully, the slightest misstep could be deadly.

People have literally lost their lives attempting to ghost-ride, and while the Lakers' playoff struggle is not in the same life or death context, the two do possess similar characteristics.

One of the most enticing aspects about ghost-riding is the visual imagery created by a person dancing beside, or on top of, a car while it is moving, and their whole body is in unison with the music.

It is an incredible picture, but few understand the amount of work it takes to prevent that image from transforming into a nightmare.

On paper, the Lakers have the look of a championship team, and the evidence of 2009 says this is true. But at times this postseason, Los Angeles has seemed to be in serious danger of falling underneath their car.

However, if the Lakers' Game Four loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder was an example of what could go wrong while ghost-riding, then Game Five was a picture of the art at its best.

Los Angeles...

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