2010 NBA Playoffs: Five Things You Will Not See This Postseason

The NBA Playoffs are set to begin and the internet is full of differing opinions on how the course of events will play out, and who will ultimately be crowned as 2010's NBA champion. In everyone's rush to predict the future of the postseason, the things that definitely will not happen are sometimes over-looked, and I have attempted to construct a list of things we will not see in the postseason. Some of them are obvious, but others require a little more insight into circumstances, and some are predicated on situations out of the realm of control. Sometimes it's important to cast aside the trivial matters so more attention can be paid to the task at hand, and this slide-show attempts to deal with those matters. It's great to have an idea of what the future may hold in terms of the postseason, but it's just as important to recognize the things that have little chance of happeneing. I'm sure not all will agree on the contents of this list, and it is a purely subjective matter, and I welcome any differing opinions and alternative choices that may not have made my list. Please Enjoy.Begin Slideshow


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