2010 NBA Free Agency: Why Allen Iverson To Lakers Won’t Happen

There are many people who feel free agent guard Allen Iverson has plenty of gas left in his tank, and whether or not you agree with this statement, some team will likely offer him a spot on its roster.

The Miami Heat have been mentioned as possible suitors, and lately there have been whispers as to how Iverson could possibly improve the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The theory is the Lakers need another scorer to complement the abundance of scorers they already have, and if they are unsuccessful in the quest to sign Tracy McGrady, Iverson could serve as a suitable backup.

There are numerous fallacies in that logic, such as the thought the Lakers need another scorer at all, but I highly doubt Iverson is seen as a solution to the Lakers' needs at any level.

Most people who have defended Iverson for his past attitude and actions have said he needs a particular type of situation in order to thrive, but serving as a role player isn't one of them.

Iverson needs to dominate the ball in order to be effective, and there is nothing in his game which suggests he is prepared to play a deferring role to anyone.

Iverson has recently been through trials in his personal life which have humbled him, and the humility he has shown was admirable, but will it carry over to the basketball court?

The Lakers, should they choose to add a scorer to their ranks, don't need Iverson's negative attitude, and their status as championship contenders means they can't afford to take the risk.

Iverson may have some value as an energetic player off the bench, but wherever he goes he will likely be looking to start, and the Lakers can't use him as a starter.

So what happens when the minutes are not there?

Does Iverson accept his role as a reserve, or does the cancer he has spread to other franchises re-surface and damage the Lakers' chances for a three-pea...

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