2010 NBA Finals: Without Bynum, Kobe Should Worry

Andrew Bynum today was meeting with his doctor, and by watching Bynum last night the Lakers are in trouble MAJOR trouble. Without Bynum, they are losing length, a guy Kobe can get the ball into inside, and a second wall of defense. They let Glen "Big Baby" Davis absolutely dominate them in the second half. Big Baby's 18 points were key for the Celtics win in Game 4.

Without Bynum, Gasol is going to have to cover twice as much ground on defense because you never know what your going to get from Lamar Odom; one night he can be one of the best players on the floor and the next night they should just put in Adam Morrison because Lamar wont do anything.

If Bynum can't start and Lamar has to, that makes the Lakers bench have to play one of the best games they have played all year. I have never felt strong about the Lakers bench; Farmar didn't get on loose balls, Sasha Vujacic just can't do anything, Luke Walton has just disappeared. Shannon Brown has been all right, not great though.

But this is what you are losing with Bynum this year he is averaging 15.0 ppg 8.3 rpg -almost a double-double a game. The Lakers no that the Celtics haven't even at all played their best ball yet, and if they bring it to Game 5 and Bynum isn't playing the Lakers will be one game away from losing the championship and not going back to back.

Like i said, "Shrek" or Big Baby was huge. It was also his counterpart "Donkey" Nate Robinson. Nate had a solid 12 points and played solid defense the whole game; Tony Allen, I think though, doesn't get as much credit he deserves. Kobe did have 33 points, but they were pretty much all behind the arc and he seemed hesitant when it came to driving to the basket. Kobe does not like playing against TA at all, you can just tell by his post game interviews. The Celtics do have the momentum. If the Lakers don't think of something fast they could be in a lot of trouble come Sunday.

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