2010 NBA Finals: Win Pattern Shows the Two Best Teams Are Playing

Does anyone else see the pattern that is developing in the NBA Finals?

Game One to the Lakers, Game Two to the Celtics, Game Three to the Lakers, and Game Four to the Celtics.

These two teams are evenly matched, even with the Lakers' height advantage.

No one can get two in a row.

If one team was clearly better than the other, someone would win two straight, but that is not the case.

Expect the Lakers to win Game Five, then Boston will take the Lakers at home again in Game Six.

Game Seven at home for the Lakers will be too much for Boston to deal with and Kobe Bryant will seal the deal with one last big fourth quarter.

These two teams are the class of the NBA. Hats off to both franchises for giving the fans a great series and adding to the greatest rivalry in modern pro sports.


—Thomas (NFL Mikee) Moreland.

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