2010 NBA Finals: Who’s Got the Edge With Finals Shifting To Boston?

There's already two games down in the NBA Finals, and it's still a toss up to many on who's going to win this series.

The first game was dominated in almost every way by the Lakers, but last night's game proved to be a little different.

The Lakers had every opportunity to take a commanding two games to none lead, but in a shocking turn of events, Kobe Bryant actually found himself in foul trouble. That almost never happens to the superstars of the league.

With Bryant being in foul trouble he couldn't be as aggressive as he normally is, which helped the Celtics increase their slim lead to a deceiving nine-point win.

Don't be fooled by the road win. The Lakers are still in great position to win this series in as little as six games. Sure, the Celtics are going home for three straight games in Beantown, and can win another championship on their home floor if they don't slip up.

However, it's not as big of a factor as some people may think.

Home-court advantage may be a slight edge in this series, but it doesn't matter where the game is being played, the Celtics will not beat the Lakers three straight times.

They barely got by the Lakers last night with Bryant in foul trouble, Ron Artest playing like he should be on a junior varsity team, and Lamar Odom being virtually invisible on the court. With all that, the Lakers still had a chance to win last night.

There were a few questionable calls at the end of that game as well that really swayed the momentum. One being the out-of-bounds call that ruled Pau Gasol last touched the ball, but instant replay proved that Kevin Garnett last touched the ball.

At that point every possession was of the essence.

The other horrible call was the foul called on Artest as he was trailing Rajon Rondo. Artest hardly even grazes Rondo and a foul was called.

This is supposed to be playoff basketball where physical play is supposed to...

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