2010 NBA Finals: Who Will Win Game Seven?

The Lakers' win last night has forced the NBA Finals to go to a seventh game. Who will win this game and the NBA championship?

As of right now, the Lakers and the Celtics are tied with each team having won three of the six games played so far in the finals.

The seventh game is the final game of the NBA championship; it is the last chance for both teams to make a play for a championship win. Each team will be fighting hard, and each team has an equal shot at victory.

The seventh game will be played in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, giving the Lakers the home court advantage.

So far in the finals, the Lakers have done much better at home than they have on the road.

In two of the three games that were home for the Lakers, they were able to defeat the Celtics.

The only win on the road for the Lakers during this series was in Game Three, and they were only able to beat the Celtics by seven points.

This home court advantage may come into play in Game Seven for the Lakers, especially since they won at home by quite a bit last night.

If the Lakers can play with the same sense or urgency and the same high level of intensity that they did in Game Six, they have a good chance of being this year’s NBA champions.

However, the Celtics will be fired up after last night’s loss, and will be putting it all on the line Thursday night in Game Seven.

This is their last chance to beat the Lakers for the title, so they will be bringing their “A” game to the seventh game.

The only setback they may face is the loss of Kendrick Perkins to a knee injury that occurred in last night’s game.

Playing without one of their better players will be hard for the Celtics, but if everyone can step up and play well without him, and play like they have in the games up until Game Six, they also have a shot at winning the NBA champio...

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