2010 NBA Finals: Who Are The Best Lakers and Celtics of All-Time?

The 2010 NBA Finals have been full of drama and that is what we have come to expect anytime the Lakers and Celtics play for the NBA title. The Lakers and Celtics are the two most storied franchises in the league, no team has won more titles than these two teams. This series can be decided tonight if the Celtics can win Game 6 in LA. But the Lakers still can win it all by taking care of business in the next two home games. Both teams have proven that they can win on the road, and they have shown that no lead is safe. The only way a series between these two franchises would be better, is if a squad was put together of the best Lakers and Celtics of all time. Imagine if you could compile a team with the greatest Celtics and Lakers ever. Who would make your team? Who would you leave off? Here is a list of the best Lakers and Celtics of all time at each position. I am not sure which team would come out on top, but I can only imagine what a series would be like between these two teams.Begin Slideshow


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