2010 NBA Finals: Unexpected Clincher for the Los Angeles Lakers

Last night's game was the "go big or go home" game of the series.

Boston didn't come up big at all.

The pressure had seemingly turned onto the Lakers after losing two games in Boston. The Lakers came into the Staples Center down 3-2 and the momentum was definitely on Boston's side.

Kobe losing trust in his team hadn't helped either.

It seemed as though Boston was going to win yet another championship against Kobe and the Lakers. Everyone expected a battle to the death at the Staples Center, but we obviously didn't get what we expected.

This win meant much more than a simple avoidance of elimination, it was in essence the series. The Lakers came out sharp and they ended flawlessly—they led the whole game and at one point they were up 27 points.

If I were Boston, I would be very discouraged and scared for my life; they just lost the biggest game in the series.

I mean they had the Lakers right where they wanted them; leading 3-2 in the series with momentum heading into the Laker's home court, where most teams play poorly just after losing on the opponent's court.

Don't count out Boston though.

They will come out with a sense of urgency and fury; Boston knows that if they do not come out sharp and ready to go, the Lakers will take home the 2010 NBA Championship trophy.

Expect both teams to come out with fire and a lot of pride.

Let me explain why this game was so important to both teams though:

Imagine being the underdog throughout the playoffs. You are constantly being overlooked and disregarded. As the playoffs progress, you kept improving your play and eventually you reach the finals, just to arrive in your enemy's home.

There, you unexpectedly come out and take a 3-2 lead heading into LA, without even being supposed to make it out of the East to begin with.

This is exactly what Boston did&...

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