2010 NBA Finals: This Is The Biggest Game Of Kobe Bryant’s Career!

One to one.

Best of seven.

Next three games in Boston.

Phil Jackson is virtually undefeated after winning a Game One of the NBA Finals.

Statistically speaking, the winner of Game three goes on to win the finals most of the time.

This is it, Kobe. It's crunch time. Are you a man or a mouse. Time to go to their house and show the world you belong in the same conversation with Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, or Michael Jordan.

If Boston wins this series, it will hurt Bryant's image as a team player, even though he would be welcomed on any team on this planet.

Kobe better speak to Lamar Odom before this game, and hopefully get him right for game three.

This is the whole deal right here. Everyone else is fine.

If Ray Allen hits a three early, The Boston Garden will erupt like a maddening thunder-storm of ferocious nature.

Boston's key to try and win all of these games without traveling back to the Staples Center for a Game Six, involves some participation by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

It would be nice if Ray Allen and Rondo had a bit of help. I am not impressed with the Celtic's bench, so the starters must play well for this team to pull off three in a row.

It is extremely difficult to beat a good team in the NBA three times in a row, let alone a great team.

Expect this series to go back to Los Angeles with the Celtic's up three games to two.

Kobe Bryant must win this game tonight, otherwise the Lakers Organization suffers another setback, and Kobe Bryant's legacy in the NBA falls just a wee bit more.

Luck of the Irish to you, Mr. Bryant. Wear green shoes or something.





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