2010 NBA Finals: The NBA Needs More Players Like Adam Morrison

Every team has that one "guy".

That one guy who comes to work early in the morning.

The guy who gives 110% everyday just because he loves the game.

Adam Morrison, former college superstar out of Gonzaga University is that "guy" for the Los Angeles Lakers.

If you can come back with me to 2003, you will remember the year very clearly. Morrison was a popular, rising star from a small time college by the name of Gonzaga and someone named J.J. Reddick was the "Big Time Brat" from Duke the guy that was easy to hate.

J.J. was the typical "Dukie."

He had the straight hair with the knock down long range shot and of course he had the looks.

Morrison on the other hand was the exact opposite.

He looked like Tarzan. He had the wild hair and the hideous mustache that everyone loved to look at.

But no one could deny that both were going to have a future in the game of basketball.

The million dollar question was: Who was going to be better?

College Career Averages

Adam Morrison averaged: 19.7 (ppg), 5.1 (rpg), and he shot 50.3 percent from the field during his stay at Gonzaga. He also played 91 games total as a college athlete.

J.J. Reddick averaged: 19.9 (ppg), 2.7 (rpg), and he shot 43.2 percent from the field. He played 139 games as a Dukie.

These career stats were very deceiving for Adam Morrison.

NBA Career Averages

Now I am only going to provide Morrison's NBA averages because I want to prove my point here.

Adam Morrison's current averages are: 7.5 (ppg), 2.1 (rpg), and he is shooting 0.33 percent from the field.

Wasn't he supposed to become a good NBA player?

I guess not.

Because Morrison experienced some injuries as most NBA players do and he hasn't played too much as an NBA player in the two years tha...

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