2010 NBA Finals: Seven Things The Lakers Must Do To Capture Repeat, Revenge

Thursday, the NBA's two top franchises, the Lakers and Celtics, will square off for the 12th time in NBA Finals history and the second time in three years. In predicting the series' outcome, some have turned to the Celtics' previous Finals victory over the Lakers others have turned to the Lakers status as reigning champions. Some have cited the Lakers' home court advantage, others have cited the Celtics' impressive 9-2 Finals record with the Lakers. Between teams and franchises as evenly matched as these, there are innumerable factors, but only a select few of these will ultimately sway the series in one direction or the other. Within are the most critical factors the Lakers need to turn in their favor in order to defeat the Celtics, who remain the only team to beat them in a playoff series since the team welcomed Pau Gasol three seasons ago. Begin Slideshow


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