2010 NBA Finals: Recapping Celtics-Lakers Game 6 and Previewing Game 7

Game Six was a debacle for the Boston Celtics. The Los Angeles Lakers completely outplayed them and were victorious by a score of 89-67. This forces a Game Seven between two of the best NBA franchises. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The exciting game is sure to be one for the memory books, so long as the Celtics decide to come and play (unlike in Game Six).

As far as Game Six goes, the Lakers played well, the Celtics did not. The Lakers had more balanced scoring, especially from their bench, which scored 27 points.  

The Lakers also played much better defense, holding the Celtics to 67 points, who shot 33 percent from the field and only seven points from their bench.

All eyes will be on the C’s enforcer Kendrick Perkins, to see if he will be able to bounce back from the injury he sustained early in Game Six.  The Celtics could really use him if they want to improve on last night.  

All the Lakers simply need to retain their form in front of their home crowd. However, they have yet to score two consecutive victories against the Celtics. When the World Championship is at stake a great game is certain.

The magnitude of Game seven has inflated ticket prices on the secondary market. The average listing price for Game Seven is currently $1566.

But just as the MasterCard commercial says:

Tickets for the game: $1566

Dinner at the game: $40

A Lakers’ NBA Finals t-shirt: $30

The memories of attending a once-in-a-lifetime Game Seven featuring two of the best sports franchises with your friends and family? Priceless.

UPDATE - Here are the average transacted ticket prices for Games One through Six of the NBA Finals:

Game 1 @ LA: $599.62

Game 2 @ LA: $7...

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