2010 NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics Simulations and Predictions

My girlfriend, of all people, was nice enough to remind me that if Kobe Bryant wins another NBA championship this year, he will then be the proud owner of five chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks, Nike marketing.

It also serves as another painful reminder to Cavs and LeBron fans that the King's cookie jar will remain empty for yet another summer.

Well, if Kobe is chomping down on Otis Spunkmeyer's finest, what are Ray Allen , Kevin Garnett , and Paul Pierce gulping down? Eight ounces of Ensure?

The running joke, which has nearly run out of steam, is that this year's Celtics are over the hill and past their prime. Boston is four wins shy of breaking the hearts, not their own hips, of those who doubted them.

Using our NBA simulation engine , Whatifsports.com has simulated the 2010 NBA Finals 1001 times . The computer provided the Celtics' and Lakers' average points per game and each team's winning percentage.

2010 NBA Finals - 1001 Simulations Matchup Win% AVG PPG Series Boston Celtics 41.5 98.5 3 Los Angeles Lakers 58.5 100.5 4
Well Red Red Auerbach won 16 of the Celtics' 17 NBA titles. The Laker and Celtic dynasties of the past are etched in NBA history books and recalled often by the men who played on those classic franchises.

But it's the rivalry between the two, East Coast meets West Coast, that truly grabs hold of the fans and tosses them right in the middle of the debate as to who is better.

Heading into these 2010 NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA titles in their history; the LA Lakers have won 15.

But after a seven game series, in which the home team won every game, Kobe will enjoy his 5th chocolate chip cookie and the Lakers will close within one title of the Celtics.

The Whatifsports.com NBA simulation engine predicts the Lakers will win the 2010 NBA Finals in seven games.


Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers