2010 NBA Finals: Lakers Need Defensive Pressure in Order To Force Game Seven

Kobe Bryant knew what he was talking about when he told reporters, "We've regressed since Game 1. Our defence belongs on milk cartons in the last two games." In the Lakers past two games of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, they've lost two close games, with a 6 point loss on Sunday and a 7 point loss on Friday.

Thursday night, with the Lakers home at the Staples Center and facing their second Finals loss to the Celtics in 3 seasons, the team needs a huge game in order to force a Game 7 Thursday night at the Staples Center.

Derek Fisher, a clutch player in pressure situations, is confident the Lakers will be able to turn things around tonight in Game 6.

"We're excited about this opportunity." said Fisher, "we knew it wasn't gonna be easy and it hasn't been easy, and we don't expect tonight to be easy, but we're confident in our ability to put together a good game, and give ourselves a chance to win a championship on our home floor."

Garnett, a leader on the Celtics side, commented on the importance of this game in the Series. "Both teams are playing very physical basketball. This will probably be the hardest game of the season, if not of the series, if not of everybody's career."

The Lakers, who allowed the Celtics to shoot an amazing 56% from the field in Game 5, will hope to force a Game 7 and win back-to-back NBA Championships tonight against the Celtics.

You can catch the Game at 9pm ET on ABC.

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