2010 NBA Finals: Joey Crawford, You Can’t Run the Lake Show


After game two's loss the Lakers once again allowed the Boston Celtics to regain life in an already projected, tough series.


Ray Allen breaking the all time Final's Three Point Record and Rajon Rondo's triple double obviously helped the Celtics tremendously but if the Lakers want to win this series they need to win the “easy” ones at home.


I know it would have been tough to overcome the two great defensive plays by Rondo towards the end of the game but veterans such as Fisher and Bryant should not allow themselves to make those kind of mistakes.


Even though Fisher and Bryant made those crucial mistakes it was not the reason why the Lakers lost.


A game is forty eight minutes but there are moments in the game that don't even last thirty seconds that can charge crucial momentum to a team. In a tough series such as this, these little but important moments might be the deciding factor between a win and a loss for the Lakers or Celtics.


With only a little time on the game clock, the Lakers seemed to have regained a much needed boost of energy. Kobe had just drained another three pointer and it was only a three point game. I actually thought the Lakers still had a chance to win this game, I mean we have a man by the name of Kobe on our side for heavens sake.


Now before I go on about what happened, lets talk about the “officiating.”


Anyone who has watched this series has questioned the “officiating” at one point or another.


In game one, they referees at moments seemed to call a foul every time someone acted like they were going to touch someone. Other moments, they wouldn't see players getting hacked on the arm and face going to the basket.



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