2010 NBA Finals Game 7: The Ultimate Treat for Sports Fans

Bar owners across America are pinching themselves with glee this afternoon.

Anyone who lives, breathes, and dies sports echoes the same sentiment.

After journeying through the two-month long voyage known as the NBA playoffs, we deserve this emotional last act.

Expect office productivity and general business line communications to hit a standstill tomorrow afternoon. Any employee who proudly sports an L.A. or Boston mug, banner, napkin, or bobble-head on their desk won’t be of any use.

This is our reward after slogging through a Hawks-Bucks series where both teams played hide-and-seek with the bottom of the hoop. This marks one of the three biggest dates on our 2010 sports calendar. The moment encapsulates every good reason why we put parts of our lives on hold to watch a group of fit strangers run from point to point.

I hold no vested interest, whether in fan support, gambling debts, or otherwise, in Game Seven.

Kobe Bryant could retire on Friday, and I’d go on with life as usual. If Phil Jackson announces the Montana rivers appeal more than red-eye cross-country flights and grimy 10 a.m. shoot-arounds, so be it. Life will keep ticking after tomorrow night. I won’t shed a tear either way.

But until then, nothing else matters.

There’s a particular beauty heading into this Game Seven, aside from the obvious implications and the win-or-go-home devastated stakes. Can we get any feel for this ultimate showdown?

Not a chance in hell.

Las Vegas is the real winner in all the commotion. How they feel comfortable laying down any line is beyond me. Those confident gamblers who place bets are either unshakably loyal Boston/L.A. believers or just incredibly foolish.

Every potential angle is in play. Bryant might put up 55 or play Mr. Distributor, as he did so well on Tuesday night. Ray Allen’s potential scoring output o...

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