2010 NBA Finals: Are the Los Angeles Lakers in Trouble?

It was the case when the Boston Celtics led as many as 14 points in the first half.

It was the same when Ray Allen couldn't miss from three-point range and had 27 points by the end of the half and Rajon Rondo was already nearing a triple-double by the time the second-half started.

The Celtics were dominant and Game Two belonged to Boston.

This time it was the Lakers who had to bounce back, and they nearly did in the final ten seconds of the first half.

Kobe stole a pass and shot the three, and hit it. 54-48. Then Kobe stole the ball again and attempted a last-second shot that just missed. Andrew Bynum was dominant, even with his injury. 

But the Lakers lost their composure in the final minutes of the fourth quarter and they never regained it as Rondo dominated the game's final minutes.

The disappointing ending led to a Los Angeles Lakers loss, 103-94. The series is now tied as the Lakers head to Boston, with their opponent gaining back having the momentum.

And the Lakers are struggling.

Ron Artest fouled out in Game Two and endured a terrible showing on the offensive end. Kobe Bryant almost fouled out, and if he did, the score would have been much more lopsided.

Another problem: the Lakers allowed Ray Allen to get open.

On most of his three-pointers and two-point jumpers Allen was wide open or he had a lot of separation. And the Lakers definitely didn't see it coming.

They should have. 

They seemed to realize it once Allen hit his record-tying seventh trey in the first half, as they clamped down on him over the final 24 minutes.

If there was a bright spot it was that the Lakers showed they could come back, as in the third quarter and for most of the fourth they kept the game close.

But they couldn't finish off a desperate Celtics team, and as they head to Boston, they're goin...

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