2010 NBA Draft Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers, Who They’ll Likely Pick

After earning their second NBA Championship in as many years, the Los Angeles Lakers have little to worry about. Although thinking about next year seems a bit premature, the 2010 NBA draft will begin Thursday, pushing LA to think about its future. The Lakers are stacked; there is really no weak position in LA, but time will eventually force a new era—an era without Kobe Bryant. So how will the Lakers preserve their reputation of unwavering talent? Will it come down to the draft? Probably not. There is, however, a possibility the Lakers will be even more impressive next year with the addition of Toronto's Chris Bosh, provided he gets traded for Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar. Regardless of whether they get Chris Bosh, the Laker franchise needs to create depth for its bench and make the best of what options it has in the draft. Here is a list of some players who could help establish the future of Laker talent.Begin Slideshow


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