2010 NBA Draft: Los Angeles Lakers’ Top 10 Draft Prospects

The Lakers don't have a first round pick, but with all the talent coming back, does it even matter? After winning the championship less than a week ago, the Lakers shouldn't be pouring all their resources into the draft this year. With two second round picks, the biggest thing they are looking for is a guy that can provide depth and play sparingly for them. So what will the Lakers be looking at in the second round? Will it be a shooter who can provide a spark off the bench? What about a point guard that can fill in for Jordan Farmar or Derek Fisher? Or will they go with big men like Brian Zoubek or Luke Harongody to bolster their presence in the post? We'll find out tomorrow night as the Lakers look to improve their already deep lineup. Here are the best prospects for them at both the No. 43 and 58 picks.Begin Slideshow


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