2010 NBA Conference Finals: Dr. Trade’s Official Diagnosis

Three sweeps and one possible franchise and legacy altering upset later, it's time to get set for the NBA Conference Finals. First, we probably have to catch our breath a little bit: It wasn't really that surprising for Orlando and Los Angeles to move on. Most of us have long been predicting those two squads would at least reach the Conference Finals again, if not going even further. However, I don't think anyone could have guessed how methodically they would destroy Atlanta and Utah, respectively. There were some, like myself, who tentatively chose Phoenix to finally move past San Antonio this year. For most of us though, that was a wishful pick from the heart, but not necessarily one that our guts could fully sign off on. It's still hard to wrap my head around the definitive demolition that the Suns just laid on the Spurs. Then, there's those Celtics. I think most of us gave them a chance against Cleveland. After all, they did look okay while taking care of Miami. However, I don't think even the most diehard Boston fans were expecting the kind of sucker punch series that just dethroned the King. So, the faces aren't all that unfamiliar. All four of these teams have been here before during the past few seasons. How they got here though, was steeped in surprise, thus stirring our suspense. There's great matchups and storylines no matter who advances. Los Angeles will face a former Finals foe either way, while looking to defend their title. Phoenix could be continuing their magical season by finally putting their playoff demons to rest. Orlando could be finishing the work they started last year. Boston could be riding off into the sunset one last time. Either way, this Conference Finals round should be an absolute blast. Let's cross our fingers, pick two winners, and enjoy the show:Begin Slideshow


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